After the church admin maps an area, it will appear under the "Outreach" section of the member's app. Follow the below steps to check-in and start prospect management.

NOTE: The Outreach section is only available in the mobile app, it cannot be accessed through the web dashboard.

1. Open the ChurchTalk app on your Android or iOS device, click on "Apps" from the bottom menu and then click on "Outreach"

2. You will now see the list of campaigns created by the church admin, click on the campaign that you wish to view and click on the area that you wish to check-in to.

3. Select the street from the list and click on check-in.

4. To mark an activity or add prospect, long press on that area for the options to come up. Select the one that you wish to add and click on "Submit

5. Once you exit, you will be asked to check-out of that street. If any other member opens the street, they will be able to view all these details.

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