The first step towards using Outreach is mapping an area. Follow the below steps to get started:

NOTE: Outreach admin section can only be accessed using the web dashboard, it is not available on the mobile app. 

1. Under the Outreach section, click on "Area Management".

2. Now from the top right corner, click on "Create Area". This will take you to a page with a map and few tools.

3. Use the search box to get the map of the area that you wish to map. You can zoom in and out for a better view.

4. To map the area, you can either use the "Rectangle Tool" or the "Polygon Tool"

5. Once the area is selected, click on "Proceed". You will be asked to enter a name for that area and any additional notes.

6. After you click on "Proceed" the system will start mapping each street.
If the area selected is huge, it might take a couple of minutes for the area to be mapped.

7. Once the area is mapped, it will be automatically shown under "Active Areas".

NOTE: You will have an option to delete the area or the streets inside it only before publishing it.
After publishing it, members will be able to access it using the ChurchTalk app.

8. You can click on it to see the list of streets. Some streets might not be named, which you can manually do. 

9. Once you click on the street name, you will be able to see the map of the street, the length, number of houses visited (No of doors), Do not knock and the number of houses where literature was distributed, you will also be able to see the list of prospects. 

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