The Giving Dashboard will show you the total offerings for each fund, but to get the transaction details of each offering, follow the below steps:

NOTE: Only Church admin can check overall offerings

1. Open the Churchtalk app on your Android or Apple phone, click on "App" from the bottom menu and then click on "Giving".

2. Click on the "Categories" option, this will open a list of sections.

3. From the list, click on "Funds".

4. Click on the fund for which you wish to check the offerings.

5. To view the details of offerings for that fund, click on the option on the top right side of the screen as highlighted in the below image.

6. You will now be able to view the following:

  • Total offerings received (One-time and recurring)
  • Total number of offerings (One-time and recurring)
  • The platform that was used to complete the payment (Web and Mobile app)
  • List of each offerings

7. Use the below-highlighted option to filter out the transactions.

6. In case you need the report for all the transactions, click on the below-highlighted option. It will be sent to your email address.

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