Giving dashboard can be used to manage your funds, it will provide you with useful information like, the total number of contributions, amount, payment type, etc.

NOTE: Only the Church admin can manage funds

1. Open the Churchtalk app on your Android or Apple phone, click on "App" from the bottom menu and then click on "Giving".

2. Click on the "Categories" option, this will open a list of sections.

3. From the list, click on "Funds".

4. You will now be able to see the list of funds which will be divided into "Active", "Paused" and "Closed".

5. Click on the list that you wish to check. For example, in the screenshot "Active" funds are being checked. 

6. Click on the fund that you wish to view, this will open up a screen with detailed information about the fund. 

7. To view the details of offerings for that fund, click on the option on the top right side of the screen as highlighted in the below image.

8. You will be able to see the total received amount, number of offerings and the platform that was used for offering. 

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