Motivate your church members to pray. You can use the Prayer function under Bulletin to post your prayer and even add a Bible verse.

1. Click on the Churchtalk logo which will be at the bottom of the screen as shown in the below screenshot to open the Bulletin editor. 

2. This will open up the Bulletin editor. Click on the "General" option at the top to open the categories and then click on click on "Prayer". 

3. Add the Prayer Title and your prayer. 

You can also quote bible verse by just adding the Bible verse number. (After adding the verse number as shown below, press enter, a bible image will appear at the left bottom of the screen, you can click it to preview the verse)

4. Click on "Post" to publish it. Once published, all the church members will be able to view it. 

Church members will be able to add comments, like, praise or pray on the post.

5. The prayer can be edited or deleted 

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