With ChurchTalk, you can create a new church or join an existing church. Before you do so, you will have to sign up with us.

NOTE: For Mobile app (iOS and Android), only sign-in option is available and not sign-up. Users will have to use the website to first sign up and once done, continue with the mobile app. 

Follow the below steps to sign-up:

1. On the ChurchTalk website, click on "Sign-up"

2. In the screen that pops-up, fill in the following info:

  • Full Name: Your first and last name
  • Email: The email address that you wish to use for signing up
  • Password: Select a strong password for your ChurchTalk account
  • Confirm Password: Re-enter the same password

Click on "Sign up"

3. Once you click on Sign-up, ChurchTalk will send a confirmation code to the email address used earlier. Enter that and click on "Verify

4. You have now successfully signed up with ChurchTalk.

The next step is to "Join" or "Create" a Church.

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