Keeping a track of offline offerings just got earlier with Churchtalk's "Offline Giving" feature.

NOTE: Only the Church admin can add offline transactions.

1. In the Churchtalk web app, click on "Giving" and select "Dashboard".

2. Click on the "Categories" option from the top right side of the Dashboard and select "Offline Giving".

3. This will open up a new screen where you need to enter the following data:

  • Name: Name of the doner (You also have an option to add the name as "Anonymous")
  • Mode of Payment: From the drop-down, you can select "Card", "Cash" or "Cheque"
  • Reference Number: You can add the transaction ID or any other reference number
  • Funds: Select the fund from the drop-down. If it was not for a particular fund, you can select "General"
  • Date: Select the date when you received the offering
  • Amount: Enter the amount donated¬†

4. You can add multiple transactions simultaneously using the "Add more" button at the bottom right side. 

5. Once done, click on "Save and Preview"

6. Click on "Confirm" to add the transaction. 

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