You can use the Journal section to add prayer and share it with your church.

1. In the Churchtalk web app, click on "Journal"

2. This will open up the Dashboard, click on the first option, "Add Prayer" 

3. A new window will pop-up, enter the Prayer Title and your Prayer. Click on "Done" to post it.

NOTE: The prayer will still not be shared with the church until you manually share it.

4. Once you click on done, you will be able to view the prayer under "My Prayers"

5. To share the prayer with the church admin for approval, click on the three dots at the left side of the prayer and click on "Share". You will also get options to edit, delete and mark the prayer as answered. 

NOTE: Once the prayer is shared, you will not be able to delete it. 

6. Once shared, the request will go to the church admin. After it is accepted, it will appear on the Bulletin board and the "Church Prayer" section where other church members will be able to view it

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