With Churchtalk Journal you can now easily add prayers, do Bible reading and much more.

The Journal Dashboard is divided into 7 sections

1. Date (Calendar)

This is where you will select the date for which you wish to check your prayers, Bible reading, etc. By default, the current date will be selected.

2. Add Prayer

Use this option to add your prayer.

3. Pray Now

You can use "Pray Now" option to view and pray for the prayers added by you and other church members.

4. Bible Reading

This amazing feature lets you add Bible verses and write your thoughts about it.

5. My Prayers

The prayers created by you and shared with the church will appear here.

6. Church Prayers

This will show the list of prayers approved by the church admin. it includes prayers by other members as well.

7. My Answered Prayers

You will be able to mark your prayer as answered after which it will appear under this list.

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