The Giving Dashboard can be used for making donations. Track your previous offerings and much more.

To open the "Dashboard, click on "Dashboard" under Givings:

The Dashboard is divided into 7 sections:

1. Date Range

Use this option to select the date range for which you wish to check the report of your recent offerings, fund review, overall giving, etc

2. Fund Review

This will show you a graph of the funds that you have contributed to.

3. Overall Giving

This will show you a graph of all the offerings for the selected date range.

4. Donation Overview

This section is divided into three parts:

  • Total Recurring Giving: The total number of recurring payments.
  • Total Amount Given: The total amount of offerings.
  • Total Offerings: The total number of offerings.

5. Recent Offerings

It is a list of your recent offerings towards any fund. This will include the type of payment, transaction ID, the amount, fund name and status of the transaction.

6. Categories 

"Categories" can be used for:

  • Funds: It will show you a list of "Active", "Paused" and "Closed" funds towards which you have made donations.
  • Recurring Giving: Will give you a list of active or disabled recurring payments with the ID, Interval, Amount and the status.

7. Make payment

This option is used to make offerings towards a fund created by church admin. It can be a recurring or a one-time payment.

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