To start receiving funds and to manage them, you will have to first enable stripe from your Churchtalk Dashboard. If it is not enabled yet, click on the below button and follow the steps:

The dashboard is divided into 8 sections:

1. Date Range

Use this option to select the date range for which you wish to check the report of your donations, funds, total subscription, prime givers, giving by location.

2. Fund Review

This will show a graph of all the funds which have received donations. The funds with the highest amount of donations will be highlighted at the top of the graph.
You can hover your mouse over the graph to know the exact amount donated for each shown fund. 

3. Overall Giving

This gives an overview of the total donations received for the selected date range, with cyan colour indicating the highest contribution and red colour indicating the lowest contribution.

4. Giving by Locations

This is a very valuable feature that shows a map with the location of the members who have contributed to any of the funds.

5. Donation Overview

This section is divided into three parts:

  • Total Subscriptions: The total number of members who have opted for recurring payment.
  • Total Received: The total amount of donations received.
  • Total Offerings: The total number of donations received.

6. Prime Givers

This will show a list of donors with the highest amount of contributions.

7. Categories

"Categories" can be used for:

  • Offline Giving: This option enables you to add any donation that was received in-hand or offline.
  • Funds: You can manage your existing funds using this option.
  • Subscribed Members: Will give you a list of all the members who have opted for recurring payment.

8. Add Fund

Use this option to create a fund towards which you wish to receive donations.

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