You can use Bulletin to post Devotional posts. Add a Bible verse and share your thoughts with your people.

Make sure you are logged in as admin

1. Click on "Bulletin" tab from the left side menu

2. Click on "Write a post" from the top right side

3. Select "Devotional", add a Title and write your message. You can also quote bible verses by just adding the Bible verse number.
A cover image can be added. If no image is uploaded, the system will automatically assign a random image

4. Click on "Post" to publish it. Once published, all the church members will be able to view it. They can add comments, like, praise or pray on the post

Click on the post to maximise it and get an overview of the post 

5. The post can be edited or deleted (Only text can be edited, the image cannot be removed or new image cannot be added)

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